What is Ready Mix Concrete?

As the name indicates, Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is the concrete which is delivered in the ready-to-use manner

In India, concrete has traditionally been produced on site with the primitive equipments and use of large labour force. Ready mixed concrete is an advanced technology, involving a high degree of mechanization and automation. A typical RMC plant consists of silos and bins for the storage of cement and aggregates respectively, weigh batchers for proportioning different ingredients of concrete, high efficiency mixer for thorough mixing of ingredients, and a computerized system controlling the entire production process. The quality of the resulting concrete is much superior to site-mixed concrete.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concerete

  • Quality of concrete
  • Speed of construction
  • Elimination of material procurement requirements and storage hassles
  • Saving in labour requirement
  • Reduction in wastage
  • Improved life cycle cost
  • RMC is eco-friendly